About Marden Bridge Middle School

Marden Bridge is an LEA Middle School catering for boys and girls aged from nine to thirteen years of age.

They are a welcoming, caring and happy school where a team of dedicated, experienced and well trained staff encourage the children to give their best at all times.

They continue to maintain high and traditional standards, and have established a reputation for hard work and achievement. At the same time, they are proud of the key contribution the school has made to the community, and these qualities are greatly valued by staff, governors, parents and students.

The Process

John Newport; Head Teacher at MBMS contacted us about a new prospectus for the school. We arranged a meeting with John and discussed they had previously used a DVD marketing tool, however, parents and the community expressed their need for a tactile publication. We showed John a few samples of previous prospectus works and he liked the use of large imagery to showcase the schools ethos, mission and values.

We designed the MBMS school prospectus using the purple from their school logo and school colours. The design feature throughout was based on an angular quote section, a 1/4 information panel and a 3/4 photograph section. The design used the same spread design throughout keeping continuity and aesthetics. We performed 3-4 amendments for MBMS such as photo changes and a minor grammar changes. The final PDF proof was sent to John and the go-ahead was given to print the school prospectus.

10 Days later Marden Bridge Middle School received their brand new school prospectus, professionally printed on 170gsm silk inners and a thick 300gsm gloss cover. Needless to say the students, parents, staff and community loved the new school prospectus design we produced for them and we look forward to a continued professional relationship with MBMS.


The prospectus has been a raging success! 

“Working with Sawyer and Sawyer has been an absolute pleasure, we gave an outline of what ethos and message our school wanted to put forward. They captured this at the first time of asking. They made both staff and pupils fully relaxed during the photo sessions. They kept in close contact throughout the editing of the brochure. We appreciated their sharp, accurate eye for detail as the final touches were made. Upon collecting parental response for our brochure it was received as a professional accurate account of our school. Sawyer and Sawyer have the ability to capture the feel and passion of a school, this was absolutely essential to our requirements. I can recommend Sawyer and Sawyer unreservedly without hesitation.”

John Newport, Head Teacher, Marden Bridge Middle School, Whitley Bay

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